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Our Commitment to You

While our focus is predictably on Return on Investment (ROI), we feel Return on Life (ROL) is equally important for you. Accordingly, we are committed to leadership (perspective, direction, and insight), relationships (trust and integrity), and creativity (optimizing opportunity through creative planning and strategy).


  • Emphasis on proactive service and attention to detail
  • Objectivity to find the most appropriate, unbiased solutions
  • Experience handling investments in good markets and bad
  • Thought-leadership demonstrated through participation in national study groups, interviews, and lectures


  • Laser-focus on current clients, with no more than 15 new clients added per year so our service team is never overburdened
  • Collaboration with estate attorneys, CPAs, valuation experts, mortgage brokers, investment bankers, and other necessary professionals
  • A client experience that is second-to-none
  • Sincere concern for our clients and their financial well-being


  • Core competencies: in-depth investment management and comprehensive financial planning
  • Broad access to investment, insurance, and financial planning marketplaces
  • Eight-step proprietary manager selection process to achieve superior results
  • Quarterly investment committee meetings to evaluate money managers and implement current asset allocation strategies