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Peter Maller appointed to Washington College board

June 17, 2020

HUNT VALLEY, Md.—Peter Maller, founder and president of Maller Wealth Advisors, a full-service financial planning and investment management company, was appointed to Washington College’s board of visitors and governors where he will serve on the investment and endowment committee.

“Community service has never been more important,” Maller said. “I’m proud to use my financial planning and investment experience in service to such a fine educational institution as Washington College. I look forward to serving on the board and the investment committee.”

Maintaining a healthy perspective

March 19, 2020

While market volatility currently overwhelms the headlines, we think it is important to take a step back and provide perspective on the markets during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as it relates to previous epidemics.

As illustrated in the chart below, a viral outbreak like COVID-19 is not unprecedented. Looking at a dozen epidemics since 1980, we see that despite short-term setbacks, market growth has continued, as indicated by the S&P 500® Index.

Market Growth After Epidemics

Source: S&P 500 Index

What this means for investors

It is important for investors to see these events in perspective with others in history. While immediate market reaction seems drastic, historically, recovery isn’t far off. On average, the S&P 500 Index posted a gain of 8.46% six months following these outbreaks.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Please understand that we are, by no means, attempting to minimize the effects and seriousness of the current pandemic situation. But at the same time, we are also mindful of the wisdom of Baron Rothschild who once said, “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.”

As always, please reach out to our team if you have any questions or concerns.

Recent Market Developments and Staying the Course

March 16, 2020

In 1939 the British government created a motivational poster in preparation for World War II. The "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster was intended to raise the morale of the public, which was threatened with widely predicted mass air strikes. And while a communique like this today might sound trite or simplistic, its general message still rings true. 

Over the past couple of weeks during our historic market volatility and global health scare, the one word that comes to mind is "fear." Yes, we should be mindful and respectful of warnings and best practices conveyed by government and health professionals. A global pandemic is nothing to ignore. And regardless of where you are in your investment and retirement planning journey, a 20%+ drop in the market could surely cause concern. But just as cities and states prepare for hurricanes and other emergencies, we have prepared you and your investments for the dips, drops and inevitable recessions that blow through our windows from time to time. 

On Sunday, the Federal Reserve cut its benchmark rate by a full percentage point, to near zero, and announced it will boost its bond holdings by $700 billion in an emergency move aimed at combating the potential economic fallout caused by what is likely to be a slowdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The Central Bank stated it will use its “full range of tools” to battle the economic impact of the novel Coronavirus. They will keep interest rates near zero “until it is confident that the economy has weathered recent events and is on track to achieve its maximum employment and price stability goals,” the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) said in a statement.  “This action will help support economic activity, strong labor market conditions, and inflation returning to the committee’s symmetric 2% objective." Other moves announced include allowing banks to borrow from the discount window for as long as 90 days, reducing reserve requirement ratios to 0%, and a coordinated action from five global central banks to enhance dollar liquidity around the world through existing dollar swap arrangements. 

As for the stock market, keep in mind that it usually serves as a "leading" economic indicator. Therefore, the current market has probably taken into account much of what we are about to experience in terms of contracted cases and deaths from this pandemic, as well as an economic slowdown. This also means the stock market usually recovers before the economy recovers, which means it will probably recover before the effects of this pandemic are a thing of the past.

It is in these times when we are prepared to discuss your options with you, and give you the peace of mind you deserve. So what does it mean to "stay calm and carry on?" Stick to the plan. At this point that could mean "stay the course," or more than likely it could be time to take advantage of lower equity prices and buy into this dip. 

Whether you're already at peace with your plan and current circumstances, or you're feeling stressed and concerned -- know that we're always here to answer your questions and talk things through. 

Corona Virus Market Commentary

Over the past few days, global markets, both equity and fixed-income, have experienced considerable volatility. Stocks around the globe declined as news of the emerging, rapidly evolving spread of the novel coronavirus gained momentum moving from China to South Korea, Iran and Italy. The Federal Reserve responded with concerns that the virus would slow economic growth by affecting the global supply chain.

At the close of trading on Monday, February 24, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell just over 1,000 points. In reaction, investors moved money into bonds under the premise this action would be a safer place to house their assets. This movement of money pushed the 10-year Treasury toward record lows.

Unfortunately, epidemics have been with us throughout history and are not uncommon. There have been several that captured media and market attention, including SARS, Swine flu and the Ebola outbreak just five years ago. It is important to remember that today is far different than the distant past. Much of the world now has a robust health infrastructure to monitor and react to disease like the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Swift and strong stock market reactions to unsettling events are also not uncommon. While a market decline grabs headlines, perspective is helpful here as well. You deserve better than knee-jerk reactions. While a 3% decline in one day is significant, it pales in comparison to the powerful returns last year yielded. Volatility is a part of investing. The key is to be aware of risks and build portfolios in anticipation of volatility, not in reaction to it. That is a core principle of our mathematical approach in being stewards of wealth.

It is possible that the uncertainty around the virus outbreak will be with us for some time. However, it is important to maintain long-term perspective when macroeconomic concerns impact market performance. We care deeply for the impacts the novel coronavirus is currently causing to people around the globe but are dedicated to rational examination and discipline as our most-powerful tools for long-term perspective. That is our commitment to you.

If you would like to discuss your portfolio or just talk, we are here.

Maller Wealth Advisors has been included in the Baltimore Business Journal’s 2019 List of Largest Financial Planning Companies

Maller Wealth Advisors is proud to be one of the largest financial planning firms in Greater Baltimore, and looks forward to continued success working with our valued clients and partners in 2020 and beyond! Thank you to The Baltimore Business Journal for the recognition! 

2019 BBJ Financial Planning Companies list

Maller Wealth Advisors ranked among top corporate philanthropists

HUNT VALLEY, Md.—Maller Wealth Advisors, a full-service financial planning and investment management company, ranked on the Baltimore Business Journal’s list of top 25 corporate philanthropists based on Baltimore-area cash donations in 2018.

“We’re surrounded by people in need, and that recognition drives one of our most important values at MWA, giving back to the community in Baltimore and beyond,” said Peter Maller, president of Maller Wealth Advisors. “Giving back—through time and money—is woven into our culture, and we’re proud to work as a team to help those in need.”

Maller Wealth Advisors donated $47,602 to charitable organizations in 2018, including $29,727 to organizations in the Baltimore area, and staff volunteered 200 hours of company time. Team members take turns picking a charity to serve at every six months and most recently volunteered at Olivia’s House, a grief and loss center for children in York, Pennsylvania.

Last year, Maller Wealth Advisors visited the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore, where team members toured the homeless shelter’s facilities, prepared and served meals to residents and provided clothing and toiletry items. MWA also supports educational causes, including African Angels Independent School in South Africa and Garrison Forest School in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Maller Wealth Advisors, headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, is a preeminent national investment management and financial planning firm that offers high-income and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and business owners unbiased advice, services, and solutions as well as an unparalleled client experience. By focusing on investment management and financial planning, MWA helps individuals, families, and business owners grow, preserve, protect, and transfer their financial legacy. Learn more about Maller Wealth Advisors at our new website

Peter Maller is a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. Securities and advisory services offered through Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., a broker/dealer (Member SIPC) and registered investment advisor. Insurance offered through Lincoln affiliates and other fine companies. Maller Wealth Advisors is not an affiliate of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. CRN-2639589-071119

MWA expands services to include Corporate Retirement Plans

MWA has expanded our services to include the implementation, managing, and services of corporate retirement plans for employees of small, medium and large businesses. Qualified plans will include 401Ks, 403Bs, simple IRAs, profit-sharing plans, defined-benefit plans and cash-balance plans. “Retirement plans have become more and more important to employees in the workforce today, and we […]

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Peter Maller Named as a Best-In-State Wealth Advisor for Forbes

We are proud to announce that Peter Maller has been named as a Best-In-State Wealth Advisor. This list was compiled by Forbes, in partnership with SHOOK Research.

Nominees and honorees for the Best-In-State Wealth Advisors are judged based on an algorithm of qualitative criteria, gathered through telephone and in-person due diligence interviews, alongside quantitative data. Additionally, advisors must have a minimum of seven years experience to qualify, and the algorithm weighs additional considerations such as revenue trends, assets under management, compliance records, and industry experience. Neither Forbes nor SHOOK receive a fee in exchange for rankings.(See full methodology here)

Peter Maller Named as a Winner of Baltimore Magazine 2020 Five Star Wealth Managers

Peter Maller has been listed as a Five Star Wealth Manager in the Maryland Market for 2020, published February 2020 by Five Star Professional in Baltimore Magazine. This is the eighth time Peter has been recognized, having been listed each year since 2013.

Five Star Wealth Manager – The Five Star Wealth Manager Award is independently produced by Five Star Professional (FSP) and is based on evaluation criteria from financial advisors on tenure, retention, designations, regulatory disclosures, and FSP research. Neither the advisors nor their parent firm pay a fee to FSP for the nomination or award, but may be charged for additional advertising material. Working with a Five Star Wealth Manager is no guarantee of investment success. For more information go to:

Maller Wealth Advisors has been included in the Baltimore Business Journal’s 2018 List of Largest Financial Planning Companies

We are happy to announce that Maller Wealth Advisors was ranked #10 in the Baltimore Business Journal’s 2018 List of Largest Financial Planning Companies. This list was ranked by number of professionals in the Baltimore area. 2018 Baltimore Business Journal’s Largest Financial Planning Companies in Greater Baltimore

This list was ranked by number of professionals in the Baltimore area.

2018 Baltimore Business Journal’s Largest Financial Planning Companies in Greater Baltimore

Peter Maller Named Lincoln Financial Advisors’ Planner of the Year for 2017

Peter Maller named Planner of the Year for ninth time Award breaks record for number of times one planner has been honored HUNT VALLEY, Md.—Peter Maller, founder and president of Maller Wealth Advisors, a national wealth management firm based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, was named Planner of the Year* for 2017 by Lincoln Financial Advisors. […]

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Maller Wealth Advisors was listed in Barron’s America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors for 2018

Maller Wealth Advisors was listed in Barron’s America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors for 2018 Barron’s America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors- Maller Wealth Advisors Peter Maller and Maller Wealth Advisors qualified for this recognition based on the following criteria: Q3 numbers, FINRA- or SEC-registered advisors, AUM minimums vary by state.

Barron’s America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors- Maller Wealth Advisors