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MWA expands services to include Corporate Retirement Plans

Posted March 15, 2019

MWA has expanded our services to include the implementation, managing, and services of corporate retirement plans for employees of small, medium and large businesses. Qualified plans will include 401Ks, 403Bs, simple IRAs, profit-sharing plans, defined-benefit plans and cash-balance plans.

“Retirement plans have become more and more important to employees in the workforce today, and we see this service line as a natural extension of what we do,” said President Peter Maller. “We have added a team of investment professionals with experience in retirement fund vehicles who work with employers and employees and their plan administrators to understand all the rules and regulations of this type of investing and select investment vehicles designed to optimize return for employees.”

Our commitment to the Plan Sponsor (and the Participant) is to evaluate the needs of the plan and its participants, identify any aspects of the plan which may need fine-tuning, record any tasks created and decisions/choices made as part of the process, and monitor the performance and impact of actions implemented.