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The Power of Working Together

The Power of Working Together

October 19, 2022

The Advisor/Client Relationship begins with an introduction and conversation about who we are, who you are and the goals you want to achieve, and how we can make that possible for you. We both have to decide whether the relationship is a good fit and will be mutually rewarding.

Our reward is in helping you to accomplish your financial goals and pass on a legacy to your loved ones.

In order to build and grow the relationship and reach the intended goals, we must have mutual-respect for each other. We operate on a single premise – that our clients deserve exceptional service. This is the yardstick against which we measure everything we do – from the quality of our planning, to the timeliness of our implementation, to the responsiveness of our service. In meeting our goal of exceptional service, we live by two cardinal rules:

  • First, no client meeting will be interrupted
  • Second, any client who needs attention should not have to wait to receive it

To accomplish the goals, we have established some expectations.


1. Objective and unbiased advise, based on the information and objectives you provide.

2. Strict confidentiality. Since our business is based on referrals, it is imperative to us that we maintain the strictest confidentiality in all instances. While you may know of several clients with whom we work, we will not discuss the specifics of your situation under any circumstances.

3. Courteous service from every member of our team

4. Prompt return of phone calls and emails, most on the same day, or under unforeseen circumstances, within 24 hours by at least one member of our team.

5. Review meetings. You will be entitled to review meetings, either in person, online, or by telephone. The annual meetings will be scheduled approximately eleven months subsequent to the last. It is important to note, however, that all clients may reuest unscheduled meetings or phone calls at any time.

6. We work as a team with your other advisors. We will work with your other advisors (CPAs and attorneys) to provide them with any information they may need to assist you in the functions they provide. This may include client brokerage statements, cost basis information, gain/loss data, year-end tax packages or other pertinent data relevant to your situation. We will always obtain your approval before forwarding any information


1. Please return calls, emails, and paperwork promptly. In order to offer you the highest quality of service, we ask that you respond to our communications in a timely matter.

2. Keep appointments as scheduled. We understand that unforeseen events do arise. We ask that if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment that you give us ample notice whenever possible.

3. Fully disclose your financial situation. In order to properly meet your needs, we need a complete picture of your financial situation so that we can implement the most effective plan for you and your family.

4. Ask questions. We are committed to having you make an informed decision about your financial future. It is important that you understand all the facts, and we will do our best to communicate these facts to you. We welcome your questions at any time


We appreciate our client relationships and will continue to earn your trust and confidence every day.