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Cybersecurity Information and Tips

Cybersecurity Information and Tips

April 07, 2022

Cyberattacks can come in a variety of forms including the more traditional phishing and malware attacks you may have heard about for years, and, more recently, similar such attacks over text and phone (referred to as ‘vishing’ and ‘smishing’).

On March 21, 2022, the White House recommended that U.S. businesses fortify their cyber-defenses against malicious attacks from Russia1. Of course, while concerns may be high regarding Russian threats, other threats continue around the globe. We want to assure you that protecting your information from all threats is paramount for MWA and Lincoln. 

Lincoln's Cybersecurity Program

Lincoln (our broker/dealer) makes a significant, ongoing investment in cybersecurity with a relentless focus on maintaining a cutting-edge security program. The program is continually self-tested through a variety of mechanisms, including unannounced penetration testing, war-gaming scenarios, and a constant and perpetual assessment of all Lincoln technology ecosystems.

Lincoln’s commitment to protecting your account does not end with the Cybersecurity team. Senior management, along with Lincoln’s Board of Directors, has deemed Cybersecurity a critical business priority, providing both the funding and support necessary for enforcing security policies. Here are just a few of the ways Lincoln protects your information:

  • 24/7/365 cybersecurity monitoring within the Lincoln Security Operations Center.
  • Advanced threat intelligences and security control testing and capabilities.
  • Data encryption and secure email delivery for both customers and employees.
  • Strong Identity Authentication & Access Management Controls

Top 10 Online Safety Recommendations

Lincoln Financial Group has compiled a top 10 list for recommendations for staying safe online. 

  1. Maintain a healthy level of hyper vigilance. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. Take ownership of your identity. Identity monitoring is a must, and we strongly recommend locking your credit.
  3. Maintain control over social media. Be smart about social media privacy and treat it like your boss is following you.
  4. Regularly monitor and place alerts on your accounts. Keep a close eye on your financial accounts and enable auto-alerts.4. Regularly monitor and place alerts on your accounts. Keep a close eye on your financial accounts and enable auto-alerts.
  5. Back up your PC regularly. Cloud based back up services are terrific for ensuring information on your PC can be restored.
  6. Use two-factor authentication everywhere. This identity verification is a cybercriminal’s worst nightmare and is a must if you’re using financial accounts, email or anything that stores confidential information.
  7. Auto-update all your devices. Turn on auto-update for all your devices and security patches will be installed automatically for you.
  8. Enable all security features on mobile devices. Fingerprint and face scans, five-try device lockdown, encryption, and other security features make sure your mobile devices are as secure as possible.
  9. Protect your home network. Always enable wireless security and consider services that can shield your home from malicious websites.
  10. Use a password vault and make sure passwords are strong. A password vault app is an effective way to manage our ever-growing list of passwords. Consider using passphrases instead of a password. These can be more difficult to crack.

Cybersecurity Is a Continued Team Effort

Russia’s cyberattack capabilities are top of mind because of the ongoing events in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, but state-sponsored cyberattacks have existed for a long time. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility – you, MWA, and Lincoln – we all play a key role. We must acknowledge that we are all on the front lines of these cyberattacks and we must maintain a level of hyper vigilance to protect against current cyber threats.

As your advisors, Peter and our team are committed to ensuring your financial security. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your accounts.

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